Why Choose AIF?

Appraisal Independence Firewall offers a secure web-based interface for Mortgage Lenders and Appraisers. We offer a specifically-engineered and automated portal that allows communications to flow from your Loan-Origination Software and loan production staff directly to the appraiser. Furthermore, this service is offered with no cost to the Bank or Lender.

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How it works -

  • Only two clicks are required to send an appraisal order.
  • Orders are automatically assigned to an accredited appraiser from the AIF pool.
  • Completed appraisals are automatically routed to the borrower's specific loan, eFolder, and appraisal location without delay or additional human interaction.
  • Completed appraisal is automatically emailed to the borrower and Originator.

Industry Specs -

  • 100% compliant with Frank-Dodd, Reg Z, HVCC, and AI Requirements.
  • Offers paperless ordering integration with select Origination software eFolders and stand-alone web applications.
  • Offers full administrative functionality by Bank or Lender.
  • New UMDP and UDA format compatible as of 9/1/2011.